Ring Ring (2018)

Two friends break into a house in search of a missing cell phone, only to discover more than they were looking for.

Directed by Adam Marino

Starring Malcolm Goodwin, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Tommy Kijas, Lou Ferrigno, Andrew Caldwell, and Josh Zuckerman

(Currently in post-production)

Production Co.
Reel Fire Entertainment
Dirty Water Pictures
and June Street Productions

Ring Ring

Produced by
Cameron Fife
Tommy Kijas
Steven Jared Mangurten

Directed by
Adam Marino

Written by
Naman Barsoom
Daniel Wallner

Director of Photography
Steven Jared Mangurten

Production Designer
Justin Patten

Costumes Designer
Emily Moran

Zachary Weintraub

Music by
Attila Fodor

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