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About the Production:
Premiere Date: February 26, 2018 at the Kansas City International Film Festival
Executive Producers: Billy Bush & George Lopez
Production Company: Kansas Kid Productions
Director: Nathan Cheney
Editor: Nathan Cheney
Composer: Keith Phelps

Featuring: Terry Crews, Aisha Tyler, Alan Thicke, George Lopez, Billy Bush, Bret Ernst, and Dr. Donald Grant

A Fatherless Generation takes a deep and personal look at the social, psychological, and emotional trauma caused by growing up fatherless.

Award-winning filmmaker, Nathan Cheney takes a fresh grassroots approach and turns the camera on himself to capture his emotional journey as he seeks to build a relationship with his own father. Cheney embarks on a journey of his lifetime– unmasking the truth about one of America’s most significant social issues: fatherless children.

A Fatherless Generation’s mission is to ignite a universal conversation about the importance of fatherhood and show youth and adult fatherless men and women that they aren’t alone in their struggles and aims to empower them to break the cycle of past fatherless generations.

Official Selection of the Kansas City International Film Festival and the Napa Valley Film Festival