Paint It Red (2018)

Bank Robbers Knock-Off Bohemian Tenants In Search Of Their Stolen Loot!

Directed by Paul T. Murray

Starring Laurence Fuller, Jack McGee, Martin Kove, Cassie Steele, Khleo Thomas, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Sally Kirkland, Randy Wayne, Ray Diaz, Chad Addison, Tommy Kijas, Josh Sussman, Lincoln Castellanos, and Aris Alvarado

(Currently in post-production)

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Dirty Water Pictures

Paint It Red

Produced by
Tommy Kijas
Chad Addison
Steven Jared Mangurten

Written & Directed by
Paul T. Murray

Director of Photography
Steven Jared Mangurten

Production Designer
Monika Dovnar

Music by
Ryan D. Wood
Chase Kukar
Diego Casillas

Andrew Gust

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