For The HitsDirected by Steven GandolfoP.C.R.M. Productions
Ring RingDirected by Adam MarinoReel Fire Entertainment
Paint It RedDirected by Paul T. MurrayDirty Water Pictures
Beneath The Leaves (2nd Unit)Directed by Adam MarinoReel Fire Entertainment
Dress RehearsalDirected by Michael BostonBlackCat69 Prods.
Out of TownDirected by Leanne LeiXII Entertainment
The Dead Diaries: InitiationDirected by Lauren Patrice NadlerMMJ Productions
The ItineraryDirected by Ricardo Perez-SelskyCut To The Chase Films
The Dead Diaries: MassacreDirected by Meagan GoodMMJ Productions
The Mitch SwitchDirected by Dylan SternWaterline Pictures
The BabyDirected by Aliah WhitmoreMidnight Ghost Productions
LiesDirected by Yaroslav AltuninPictures From Afar
Portal JonDirected by Dylan SternWaterline Pictures
It’s You, Not Me (pilot)Directed by Lauren Patrice NadlerWinged Warrior Entertainment
April Apocalypse (2nd unit)Directed by Jarret TarnolTarnol Group Pictures
One Fine Sunday (2nd unit)Directed by Kibeom KimFilmforte Productions
Love… Another Four Letter WordDirected by Angela BurrisLibrium Pictures



“Regretful Insomnia” by Aeonic Impulse                             Directed by Ricardo Perez-Selsky



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